Bye Guys

Many things have happened this year that I experienced, learned, and will never forget, here’s a short list of a few of them:

1 I’m pretty fabulous

2. “You tell the most secrets I ever know”

3. Tina Belcher is better than everything in life

4. Bois 

5. I’m really bad at math

6. More bois

7. Mrs. Russell hates me.

8. Rawan can’t spell bologna

9. Rawan also can’t read the word “fireworks”

10. Rawan is just all around dumb. 

11. L.P. loves boys

12. Steven is fergalicous (Makes them boys go loco)

13. Mr. Skinikers probably hates me too.

14. Katy Parry

15. Stebe Jubs is not dead, he’s sitting behind me.

16. Rylee is rude.

17. Last but not least, yeet lookin.

BYE, I hate you.

‘Teen Wolf’ Shouldn’t Have Killed Off [SPOILER]

Hollywood Life

Fans were shocked after the March 17 episode of ‘Teen Wolf’ killed off one of its core characters. It was revealed after the show aired that the actor playing this character wanted to be written out, but was their death really the best way to do it?

Another post-Moonday, another heavy heart. Jeff Davis, why do you wound your fans so? In the most shocking — and pointless — death of the series’ run, a fan favorite and core cast member was stabbed through the stomach by one of the “Oni” — the dark henchmen now controlled by the nogitsune with Stiles’ (Dylan O’Brien‘s) face. In an exclusive post-mortem interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor that was killed off revealed that they actually wanted to be written out of Teen Wolf! But was the best way to honor their wishes (and their character’s memory) to kill them…

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Miley Cyrus /.\

Last night Olivia, Greta, Meme, and I went to the Miley Cyrus Bangerz concert. When we got there, we showed this man our tickets and he brought us to our seats. Turns out we ended up buying tickers for seats that were two rows away from the stage! We were so happy! Icona Pop opened up for the show and they were absolutely PERFECT <3 ! I sang literally every single word to all of their songs /.\. After they were finished, there was a 15 minute break so the stage could be prepared for Miley to come out. After the 15 minutes they started dropping balloons every where and people in animal costumes started walking onto the stage. While the animals were coming on stage, we saw Miley’s face come onto this huge screen in the back of the stage. Once her face Showed up on the screen, a large tongue shaped slide came out of the mouth area and Miley slid down it! As soon as I saw her I couldn’t stop screaming! It was so perfect. Her singing was perfect, but on top of that the whole entire show was so creative and cool. The visuals on the screen on the back of the stage were so trippy, but I loved them! After last night I can honestly say I idolize Miley. Sure she does things that people aren’t proud of, but she’s not afraid to be herself and that’s what I love most about her. She teaches people that you should embrace who you really are no matter what people say about you. She’s so amazing <3. I’ll be posting pictures and videos of it later. I can honestly say that it was the best night of my life <3